About The Song

The sweet and soft sounds of Albert Hammond in this live “It Never Rains In California” performance sure will ring true in your heart and mind, and bring you back to quieter, calmer times. No need for a background group, Albert sits gracefully up on the stage and gently serenades the crowd with his feel-good ballad about his struggles in life.

“I’m underloved, I’m underfed, I want to go home. It never rains in California, but girl, don’t they warn ya? It pours, man, it pours…”

Although it seems that this song is “California- focused,” the story behind the lyrics is quite the opposite. When Albert was originally starting out as an artist, busking the streets of Spain with no money to his name, he ran into his cousin at the train station while performing his standard “begging” and begged him not to tell his father out of embarrassment.

The lyrics “Please don’t tell ’em how you found me, don’t tell ’em how you found me dimme a break, give me a break…” are a clear representation of this wonderful struggle that Albert undertook toward the beginning of his career.

Interesting Quote: “All these things like “will you tell the folks back home I nearly made it” and all that stuff came from that era of my life when I was struggling, trying to make it, trying to get from Morocco to Spain, from Spain to England, from England to America… That struggle you go through, that’s It never rains in Southern California, the story of my life.” – Albert Hammond

We could listen to this incredibly soothing song all day and we thank Albert for sticking it out through the rough times so we could hear, enjoy and dance to this timeless number.


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