About The Song

Cracklin’ Rosie was Diamond’s breakthrough single on the UK Singles Chart, reaching No.3 for four weeks in November and December.
“Cracklin’ Rosie” is a bottle of wine. Neil got the idea for the song from a folk story of an Indian tribe in Northern Canada who had more men than women.
“On Saturday nights when they go out, the guys all get their girl,” said Diamond.
“The guys without girls get a bottle of Cracklin’ Rosé, that’s their girl for the weekend.”
This was Neil Diamond’s first American #1 hit, although he had previously written a number of hits for other artists including “I’m A Believer,” which was a 1966 #1 for The Monkees.
Two years after “Cracklin’ Rosie,” he topped the American charts again with “Song Song Blue” and in 1978 his duet with Barbara Streisand, “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” became his third and last US #1.