About The Song

  • “Twilight Time” is a song with lyrics by songwriter Buck Ram (the seminal force behind The Platters, who were originally named “The Buck Ram Platters”) and music by The Three Suns (Morty Nevins, Al Nevins, and Artie Dunn). The Three Suns also originally recorded the song, which hit for them in 1944 at #8. Al Nevins would later go on to become a music producer together with Don Kirshner, forming Aldon music.
  • This song was mainly a hit the first time for its timing; in the thick of World War II, it became an anthem for soldiers returning home and starting the American Baby Boom. The Platters’ version pushed on to even greater fame.
  • Your word for the day is “alliteration,” which is when the first letter or syllable of the words in a phrase rhyme: “tea time,” “Baby Boomer,” “hip hop.” “Twilight Time,” besides having an alliterative title, also has several alliterative phrases in the lyrics: “colored curtains,” “beneath the blue,” “surrender the setting sun,” among others.
  • Besides being The Platters’ third #1 chart on the Billboard Hot 100, “Twilight Time” also hit #1 Best Seller, #1 Jockey, and #1 R&B for three weeks steady.