About The Song

I’ll Never Find Another You is performed by Judith Durham (lead vocals), Athol Guy (double bass, vocals), Keith Potger (12-string guitar, banjo, vocals) and Bruce Woodley (six-string guitar, mandolin, vocals). Recorded in 1964, the track was written and produced by Tom Springfield (originally Dion O’Brien), brother of pop icon Dusty Springfield (originally Mary O’Brien). With this single The Seekers became the first Australian band to sell over one million copies of a single, reaching 1.75 million sales worldwide. They also became the first Australian band to have a Top 5 hit in Australia, the UK and the USA simultaneously.

Another catalyst in The Seekers’ rise to fame was their good fortune in securing the support of the London promoters The Grade Organisation, who lined up gigs for the band when they arrived in London in 1964. Staff agent Eddie Jarrett’s strategic gigs secured them a recording deal with World Records (the mail order branch of EMI Records) and, with their regular appearances on British television, they abandoned thoughts of the original plan to perform on Sitmar cruise ships.

Jarrett introduced The Seekers to Tom Springfield, recognising that the band provided an opportunity to develop the musical potential Jarrett had been fostering with The Springfields, a trio born into an Irish-Catholic family in West London. The Springfields included Tom and Dusty, and it disbanded when the fiercely independent Dusty launched her solo career. The Jarrett-Springfield-Seekers association proved serendipitous. Springfield went on to write and produce most of The Seekers’ hits throughout the decade.

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With this combination of management, production and creativity forged, the timing was right for the next big break for The Seekers in the form of a recording contract with EMI’s Columbia Label – the world’s biggest recording company at that time. In November 1964, I’ll Never Find Another You hit number 1 on the charts in Australia and the UK and number 4 in the USA.